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Mechanic’s Lien New York | File A Lien | New York’s Lien Experts
  • Filing A Construction Lien

    MetroLiens - New York's Lien Experts

  • Property Lien

    Our Services

    MetroLiens offers an unprecedented level of expertise exclusively tailored to the needs of metropolitan New York's construction community. Our liens are filed with with precision to ensure recovery. MetroLiens' team of lien experts is unmatched in skill and tenacity, and will work with you on all levels necessary to ensure that the monies you are owed get paid!

  • Mechanics Lien

    How We Help

    Unlike other mechanic's lien services,the MetroLiens team focuses exclusively on the needs of Metropolitan New York's construction community.

MetroLiens – New York’s Lien Experts

Dozens of companies will offer to serve your Mechanic’s Lien needs, however none can match MetroLiens’ expertise and focus.  While other “lien experts” serve New York, only MetroLiens focuses exclusively in the Mechanic’s Lien needs of Metropolitan New York’s construction community.  MetroLien’s team of lien experts is fully versed in the nuances of the Lien Filing process in Metropolitan New York, and our team is able to ensure that your lien will be properly filed with the appropriate county clerk anywhere in the five boroughs.  If you have any doubts about what MetroLiens can do for you, call (718) 530-5333 for a free consultation, or if you like, begin the lien process immediately through our easy online application, via fax, or over the phone.