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Lien Experts New York | About Us | MetroLiens

All too often in today’s construction market, skilled laborers and materialmen are left waiting months, or even years, to collect full payment for work performed. Moreover, in the last several years, countless construction industry leaders have had their businesses decimated after owners and general contractors failed to pay for work in place.

What many construction industry professionals don’t know, however, is that the best tool available to any contractor, subcontractor, or materialmen to ensure that they get paid for the work they have performed is a mechanic’s lien – and MetroLiens is offers the gold standard in Mechanic’s Lien Filing and enforcement.

MetroLiens exclusively focuses on the mechanic’s lien needs of the New York Metropolitan market, and is sophisticated in all aspects of the lien filing and enforcement process. MetroLiens’ team of experts have developed novel and innovative methods to ensure that the parties actually improving real property get paid for the work they have performed. Indeed, over the last several years, MetroLiens’ team has recovered millions of dollars on behalf their clients, often in the face of intense opposition, including during mortgage foreclosure proceedings.

At MetroLiens, each lien we file is personally reviewed by our specialized in-house counsel. Moreover, upon request, we can offer pre-litigation collection support, which services are included with our Mechanic’s Lien filing fees. Also included with our services is a complimentary review of public records in order to provide personalized strategies for lien enforcement and collection. Finally, once a customer files a mechanic’s lien through MetroLiens, all aspects of the mechanic’s lien process is monitored to ensure that the lien remains in place through all available renewal periods.

Many companies offer Mechanic’s Lien Services, but none offer the degree of sophistication and expertise provided by MetroLiens’ team. The filing of a mechanic’s lien is a remarkably technical process, and even the slightest error can result in the loss of your right to collect to the monies you are owed from the work you performed. MetroLiens specializes in New York Metropolitan lien filings, because that is what we know best, and no competitor can match our success. If you have any doubts about what MetroLiens can offer you, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.