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How To File A Mechanic’s Lien | Mechanic’s Lien Prices | MetroLiens
File a Mechanic’s Lien immediately through our easy online application.  Click on the link above to begin the process.  Once your lien is filed, any monies you are owed will be recorded as of record against the property you improved, in a manner similar to a mortgage.  If you file a lien and still haven’t been paid, an attorney may be able to commence a lien foreclosure action on your behalf, causing a public sale of the improved property in order to satisfy the monies you are owed.
File a Mechanic’s Lien Amendment to update your filed documents. Click on the link above to begin the process.  An amendment is useful if, after filing your mechanic’s lien, you realize you are owed additional sums, or provided additional benefit to the subject property.
File a Mechanic’s Lien Extension to preserve your lien rights for an additional year.  Click on the link above to begin the process.  Mechanic’s liens expire after one year, and unless properly extended, any rights you have in connection with a mechanic’s lien may be lost unless you promptly extend your lien.
Need to settle a Mechanic’s Lien?  Click on the link above to begin the release process.  If your lien has been resolved, it is essential that the lien be discharged as of record.
If you prefer to file through fax, simply download and complete this form, and fax it to MetroLiens at (212) 404-7857.
Should you prefer, MetroLien’s representatives are always ready to complete your orders over the phone.  Please call us at (718) 530-5333 for a person-to-person order.